Practice and Biography

My work that explores themes such as identity as a mother, a survivor of domestic and street violence, as well as concerns such as sexuality, family, the environment, and protest. More recently, I am considering how boundaries between humans and other species must be removed in order to avoid a future of cataclysm.
My material process is based on photography and the  interweaving of alternative processes  to try to reduce the harm that photographic processes can inflict on the environment. I utilise lumens, anthotypes, scanning, bio plastics, recycled paper and natural found elements, and consider this a journey of experimentation. Personal archives, my own and other peoples, are a part of my practice.

I live in Brighton UK. I  graduated from the Polytechnic of Central London (now University of Westminster) with a BA in Photographic Arts.

After needing to work full-time and bring up my daughter as a single parent, I have returned to my practice with a working class, feminist and queer perspective, and am now able to fully apply myself to creativity.


2013 Urban Photo Fest Tate Britain

2014 Brighton Photo Fringe Collectives Hub with Merge Collective “Brighton Wasted”

2015 London Analogue Festival; "Beach Topography" 8 works selected

2016 Instagram takeovers- Open Doors Project and Women In Photo.
2016 Brighton Photo Fringe with Tri-Pod Collective “Salt”
2016 Featured on Fleur and Arbor website

2018 Work-Show-Grow with Natasha Caruana and Juno Calypso for Brighton Photo Fringe ”Totem”
2018 Shutterhub in London and Amsterdam - “Salt”

2019 “Curating Whispers” with Form Collective at Derby Photo Fringe
2019 Shutterhub “Everything I Ever Learned” Cambridge University

2019 Selected work from three projects shown at the Hundred Heroines exhibition“(Un)Framing
Ourselves: Representation on the Line” in Chelsea, London: “I Hold My Hand”,“Salt” and “Bound”
“Curating Whispers” also shown as part of Form Collective at this show. Also shown in Blackpool.

2019- “Curating Whispers” SEAS (Socially Engaged Artists Salon) Brighton, “Riot” 

2020 “Brighton Wasted” selected for Lacuna Festival Canary Islands

2021 “I Hold My Hand”, “Gaslighting” exhibition with SEAS

2022 Artist Residency Ano Asites , Crete- working on anthotypes and lumens of local plastic debris.

2022 “Yes its Personal, Yes its Political” shown at the Hundred Heroines Silent Protest exhibition Gloucester.

2023 “Yes its Personal, Yes its Political” to be shown at Exposure, Calgary, Canada

2023 selected for Cycladic Artists Residency, Paros, Greece

Published Work

2015 "Salt" featured in Fotografia Magazine

2019 “Curating Whispers” and interview featured in Loupe magazine  

2022 “I Hold My Hand” published in Gaslighting magazine

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