The project was reactive- both in terms of my experience of being a mother as my daughter hit her teens which I was unprepared for; also, to fill a gap. I sought visual representation of the experience I was going through, and was unable to find any.

My daughter is driven to seek her own paths, and for the mother, and I guess the father or significant carer, this was painful as it felt I had lost her. No more hugs, affection, being depended on, just a sense of being the “enemy” and her needing to be far from me. It has taken me about 12 months to get my head round it!

The project so far represents the mother being kept at a distance. It also elicits some tension as my daughter still refuses to be shown in a recognisable way, which in some way amplifies her need to be in control, which I respect. She is my “absent collaborator” a phrase Miranda made me aware of. My daughter tolerates me, she tolerates my examination of our relationship.

The project for me, feels distant, I want to get close but cannot, and so, the scans of make-up tissue and false nails. There were times I felt bereft, that I had lost my daughter in terms of her presence, her need for me. This probably comes across visually; in fact “Salt” refers to the few times I weeped, including during one long swim in the Med, borne out of frustration and grief, not understanding what the hell was happening…

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